A Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience


How we care for our animals

We are a legal, ZIPA accredited rescue and conservation centre

  • Our wild animals are either rescues or have been gifted to us by legal conservation centers. There is a story behind each of them. We are happy to tell you these stories as you meet our animals on your visit. No animal has been captured in the wild. All our animals have legal papers.
  • We train our animals using 100% positive reinforcement methods, interacting with them through trust and rewards. Our experienced animal trainer Jenny will show you this practice during your visit.
  • If an animal is not well it will not take part in the experience.
  • If we feel that an animal is not able to interact with guests on a certain occasion, for whatever reason, we will not force the animal to do so.
  • We cannot make any guarantees regarding the level of interaction any animal will enjoy on a given day.
  • We respect the free, wild spirit of all our animals. We do not drug, defang or declaw our wild animals. Thus, for your safety, if an animal grows too big or becomes too dangerous, we decrease the degree of interaction. Therefore some enclosures cannot be entered.

Safe interaction of animals and visitors

  • As a precaution to maintain the health of our animals all visitors will get hands and shoes disinfected before entering each enclosure.
  • Please DON’T WEAR any anti insect repellent, sun tan lotion, aftershaves or perfumes as this can be poisonous for our animals.
  • We ask our guests to lock in everything they don’t need. Camera bags if needed have to be kept closed inside the enclosures.
  • No food, no drinks, no bottles, no cigarettes are allowed inside the enclosures. We will give you healthy snacks to feed to the animals. Everything else given could be unhealthy or even fatal for them.