A Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience


Important Information

At Cheetah’s Rock the welfare and happiness of our animals is paramount. We ask our guests to be kind and respectful to our animals at all times. We ask our guests to listen to their guide. This will keep you, the animals and other guests safe and make your visit an enjoyable experience. We cannot accept guests under the age of 15 years old. Our prices are strictly non-negotiable. We ask guests to wear suitable clothing – jeans/shorts, but NO skirts, dresses, Abajas, loose hijabs, bulky trousers, flip-flops or jewellery. Please DON’T WEAR any anti insect repellent, sun tan lotion, aftershaves or perfumes as this can be poisonous for our animals.
Make sure to send a booking request (book now) to book the tour online before you can visit us. With your booking confirmation you will receive more important information about your tour.
Generally, Zanzibar offers a pleasant climate. From time to time we face strong tropical rain falls. As our activities are mostly outdoors for the well- being of our animals, please be aware that you might get a little wet. You cannot bring any umbrellas for the safety of our animals, but if you wish you can wear a rain jacket.
In the worst case we need to cancel the experience and you will not get charged the tour fee, or you will get it refunded if you prepaid.
Please note: We never give commission to beach touts or third party agents. Please ensure you book directly with us (book now).

Payment & travel costs

  • The cost is US$160 per person. This includes roundtrip transfer from most locations on Zanzibar. We cannot process credit cards. Please pay in cash -any currency is welcome – at the end of your visit, or send us the fee via bank wire transfer in advance. We will provide you with our bank information in this case. The amount of the fee in any currency other than USD is calculated at the commercial “Buy US Dollars” rate.
  • This fee takes into account that we recently rescued further wild animals and erected additional enclosures. We have plans for further expansions to offer even more space to our rescued wild animals. Your fee contributes to all of this. Naturally, of course, any bookings made before October 20th, 2017, are not affected, even if they are for a later date.
  • For guests requesting transfer from locations relatively far from us, primarily on the Southeast Coast, we offer transport for a surcharge of US$20 for the driver and his car, not for us, for the round trip, not per person. In our experience, this is considerably less than if you were to book transportation on your own from such a place.

What to wear

  • Please wear shorts or jeans. Moving or billowing skirts, long dresses, Abajas, loose Hijabs, hand bags will likely get the attention of predators and are not allowed to wear.
  • Please wear comfortable, sensible footwear – trainers or boots are ideal. Please do not wear flip flops, loose sandals or anything that will cause you to trip or stumble.
  • At Cheetah’s Rock the safety of the animals comes first! As animals sometimes are very playful they would like to play with loose fabrics on skirts, sparkling stones, jewelleries, pins in Hijabs, tassels, flip-flop sandals etc. As they could quickly choke anything they can get, it is NOT ALLOWED to enter the enclosures if you don’t stick to our dress code.


All our tours are given in English. This is necessary to accommodate our guests from all over the world. Guests are encouraged but not required to have basic understanding of English. This is so you get the most out of all the fascinating information about our wild animals presented to you on the tour. If you love animals but don’t speak much English, you are welcome. Please respect the guide giving instructions in a foreign language and don’t disturb her.

Office hours

We strive to respond to all your inquiries within 24 hours, every day of the week. However, please notice that we are not a large organization with a call centre. There may be disruptions to the internet on Zanzibar causing a rare delay of our response. Please book well in advance.