You must book the educational close encounter tour for real animal lovers online before you can visit.
Book now. Our office will respond via e-mail within 24 hours. No walk-ins.

Bookings & Prices

Booking a visit to Cheetah’s Rock is easy. All you need to do is fill in our Booking Form. Once you have submitted the booking form, we will check tour availability and get back to you by e-mail within 24 hours.

The fee for our tour is US$160 per person. This includes round-trip transport from most locations on Zanzibar – e.g. from Stone Town, Kiwengwa, Pwani Mchangani, Nungwi and Kendwa.
For a surcharge of US$ 20 per car, not per person, we offer transport from locations further away from us, like the Southeast Coast.

This fee takes into account that we recently rescued further wild animals and erected additional enclosures. We have plans for further expansions to offer even more space to our rescued wild animals. Your fee contributes to all of this. Naturally, of course, any bookings made before October 20, 2017, are not affected, even if they are for a later date.

We cannot process credit cards or online money transfer.
Please pay in cash after the tour or by bank wire transfer in advance only. We will provide you with our banking information upon request.
Whilst we prefer payment in USD, We can accept any currency. We will convert the amount needed by applying the “Buy US Dollars” rate for that currency close to the day of your tour.

There are no group discounts, nor any other discounts. We don’t discriminate among our guests. We ask all of our guests to pay the same fee.

No fee is due if WE have to cancel or stop the tour due to really bad weather.

We are located on the west coast, about a 60 minute drive from the capital of Stone Town. If you are on Zanzibar, we can collect you and make sure you get back safely after your visit.

We are open to welcome you every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday after a booking only. We ask all our guests to be at the reception of their hotel at the specific pick up time – which we will send to you with your booking email. Please make sure not to be late as our drive times are calculated exactly to make sure that you arrive at Cheetah’s Rock at 14.00 o clock to get ready for our mandatory safety briefing after which there can be no late admission. You will meet our first rescued wild animal at 14:45 o’clock (2:45 PM). The tour lasts until around 18:45 o’clock (6:45 PM). This tour time in the afternoon means our rescued wild animals are well rested and ready to meet you. You can take plenty of wonderful pictures of yourselves and our animals.

Our legal minimum age is 15 years old. For legal reasons, we cannot book any visitor younger than 15 years old. Thank you for your understanding.

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