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At Cheetah’s Rock, our goal is to rescue wild animals and contribute to conservation. We work tirelessly to give our animals the health, freedom & happiness they deserve and the perspective of a release into the wild (if possible) whilst inspiring people to make a change!

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Feel the fur of a cheetah and the breath of lions, feed lemurs, zebra and more! Take amazing photos on this unforgettable tour and join the fight for wildlife!


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Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to swim and play with our cute otters in this exclusive event. Your visit makes our work possible. Book quickly, to ensure availability!


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We offer free roundtrip transfers, from and to your hotel, or other locations, for free from most places on Zanzibar. We offer pickup from one location and drop off at another, and you can store any baggage you bring along at Cheetah’s Rock during the tour.


Some of our Rescues

Xenia, Puma

Born in a zoo in eastern Europe, they took Xenia away from her mother at the age of 3 weeks. They did not give her any milk and she was designated for the pet trade.

We intervened! She arrived with Hypocalcemia and several fractures. After months of treatment, she now lives a happy, healthy life with us.

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Chaka, Zebra

We face the sad obligation to inform you that we lost our beloved family member CHAKA, “the best zebra on earth”, despite the restless efforts of our team and outstanding wildlife veterinarians, tragically and unexpectedly, April14, 2024. He suffered from a colic caused by two intestinal rotations. His death has left us all heartbroken. One day we hope we will be united again. We will never forget the most beautiful moments shared with you, our CHAKA boy.
He was born in a zoo in Germany and when he was only 1 year old they wanted to kill him. This is the sad truth behind so many zoos around the world. Many animals are bred just so that we can see the cute babies. But babies grow bigger and there is often no more space for them.
Cheetah’s Rock got a call and we were asked if we wanted to save his life, which we did.
He was living with us and his horse friends for 15 healthy and happy years. He will be in our hearts forever.

Maurice, Bushbaby

Maurice was dropped by his mother when he was still only a few days old. Our gardener found him and we have raised him into a strong boy by using a tiny syringe to feed him milk.

Now he lives with a group of bushbabies who love nothing more than climbing around on the shoulders of our guests.

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