A Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cheetah‘s Rock?

We are located on Zanzibar’s west coast, north of Stone Town.

How do we get there?

We are happy to arrange your transport. Your Great Wildlife Tour fee of US$160 includes roundtrip transfer from most locations on Zanzibar. These locations are, for example, Stone Town, Kiwengwa, Pwani Mchangani, Nungwi, Kendwa. For remoter locations, a surcharge is applicable. As a measure to protect the environment, we combine transports of visitors from nearby hotels.

Why not to come with your own transport?

Cheetah’ Rock is in a remote location and not easy to find. Online maps are inaccurate and we face a lack of good traffic signage. Said this we strongly recommend to use our complementary transportation service which will make your tour even more agreeable and stress free. In the exceptional case that you don’t want to use this service, please specify in our booking form.

Why is booking / reservation necessary?

We limit the number of visitors to not more than 37 to provide a personalized, close encounter with wild animals. This means guests have a more close interaction with our animals, but we need to plan ahead.
For the VIP Otter Experience, there is only one slot available per day as it is an absolutely private tour for you only.

Why don’t you accept children below 15 years?

We need to ask parents for their understanding as this is for safety reasons and relates to local legal regulations as well as insurance matters. Therefore only persons of a certain height and maturity are allowed to enter the premises. We have no facilities to accommodate guests not participating in the tour.

Is food offered?

We do not sell any food or drinks. All the food offered on the tour is for our rescued wild animals.
No food, no drinks, no bottles, no cigarettes are allowed inside the enclosures for the safety of the animals.
If you book both the Great Wildlife Tour and the VIP Otter Experience, we will gladly organise lunch for you in a nearby hotel. The cost of your lunch there is not included in our fee.

Why is your tour in English only?

All tours are given in English to accommodate our guests from all over the world. Guests are encouraged to have basic understanding of English to get the most out of all the fascinating information about our wild animals presented to you by Jenny during the tour. If you love animals but speak little English, you are welcome to book the tour, too. In this case, please respect the guide giving English instructions and don’t disturb her while doing so.

Is there a guarantee to touch all animals?

We can’t promise you to get close to all animals all the time. They have their free will. We never force any animal into an encounter with humans. However, as the animals see us as an enrichment to their daily lives, they enjoy being around us. The enclosure of Aslan, the big, male lion and the enclosures of the striped hyenas cannot be entered though.

Where do your animals come from?

Our wild animals are either rescues or have been gifted to us by legal conservation centers. There is a story behind each of them. We are happy to tell you these stories as you meet our animals on your visit. No animal has been captured in the wild.
All our animals have legal papers. We do our best to contribute towards the conservation of endangered species.

What happens to the animals once they become too big or dangerous?

If an animal becomes too large or dangerous it is simply on us to accept our human limits and decrease our grade of interaction with the individual.
The animals have a safe home for a lifetime and are only exchanged with other conservation centers if they are required for international breeding programs.
As is the case with our white lion Aslan now, it is not possible for you to enter his enclosure anymore.
Real animal lovers will appreciate the difference Cheetah’s Rock makes. We respect our animals and keep their spirit alive and shining freely.

Is it safe?

Our experienced animal trainers care for your safety, but please acknowledge: there is no 100% guarantee when it comes to wild animals. We don’t use tranquilizers. We don’t remove claws or teeth of our animals. We ask you to encounter our rescued wild animals with respect for their nature and wild spirit. But so far every guest left the tour in one piece.

How are the animals trained?

We handle our animals by using 100% positive reinforcement methods, through trust and reward, only. Our experienced animal trainer Jenny will show you this practice during your visit

Why can’t I book by phone?

We have no call center. We focus on animal welfare. We deal with all bookings and contact requests on a personal, not a robotic level. Calls and SMS on Zanzibar are not reliable, particularly in our location, and are not available all times. Please use our booking form that we check once daily. Please make sure to book well in advance.

What if I am afraid to enter an enclosure?

If you feel uncomfortable to enter, you are free to stay outside the enclosure. You can follow the information given about the enclosure’s animal inhabitants from there as well.

When should I NOT book the tour?

As we are a rescue and conservation centre giving educational close encounter tours for groups of real animal lovers whilst respecting the free spirit of all our ambassadors at all the time, we kindly ask people to refrain from booking a tour if they are not willing to show respect towards our animals, other guests and our staff members.

Why am I not allowed to wear anti insect repellent or sun tan lotion etc?

Even though scientists confirm repellents and other cosmetics as safe, it does have an impact on all living beings as well as on the environment. Animals are much more sensitive than even human babies and some repellents are not allowed on infants. It can cause skin diseases and in rare cases even respiratory problems, seizures and death. Please keep in mind: after you got in direct contact with the animals they will lick their skin.

Why am I not allowed to take an umbrella with me?

Umbrellas are dangerous for the animals. You are welcome to bring a rain jacket.

Before your visit, you must not get into close contact with any stray cats or dogs on Zanzibar. They can carry viruses like feline panleukopenia or canine distemper.
This does not kill them but will kill our rescued big cats or hyenas. We reserve the right to cancel your visit for the sake of the health and the safety of our rescued wild animals if you have been in close contact with any of these strays. Thank you for your understanding.