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“A wildlife rescue & conservation center worth supporting”

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#1 Activity on Zanzibar
#1 Activity in Tanzania
1300+ 5 Star Reviews
94% 5 Star Reviews
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What our guests say about us:

“A rescue center of excellence, love & authenticity”
-Angelica A.

“If you love wildlife, you’ll kick yourself forever if you don’t go.”
-Mike F.

“Definitely the best day in Zanzibar and one of the most emotional experiences I’ve ever had (and I’m married and have two kids)!”
-Tim K.

“I am proud to say, we did this trip, our entrance fee will help to continue this fabulous work.
-Koren E.S

“I proposed to my wife with the cheetah next to us! I will not forget this moment till the rest of my life.”
-Duncan W.

“Surpassed all Expectations!”
-Nikki S.

“The highlight of our honeymoon!”
-Sean & Patricia

“Don’t miss out on Zanzibar’s best kept secret”

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