A Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience


The Great Wildlife Tour is offered generally on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The VIP Otter Experience is generally offered everyday.

Cheetah’s Rock, Zanzibar

Cheetah’s Rock is a unique place where people and animals interact directly – face to face, eye to eye, fur to skin.

In addition to meeting Jenny’s rescued wild animals on the tour you will receive substantial information about animal welfare and wildlife conservation. You will learn more about needed protection and conservation of endangered species and more on the behavior of various animal species. You will hear how it is possible to get so close to wild animals using 100% positive reinforcement only animal handling. You are more than welcome to take as many photos as you wish.

We are a legal, ZIPA accredited, rescue and conservation center. We provide our rescued wild animals with as natural and generous a habitat as possible.

Prepare yourself for a magical and memorable experience. We believe in introducing wildlife to our guests in a really different, close and interactive way.

Our Great Wildlife Tour size is limited to no more than 37 guests on any given tour.

For the sake of our guests’ personalized experience and the welfare of our animals, at Cheetah’s Rock, we limit our guest numbers. This means guests have a lot more personal interaction with our animals. We never rush anybody. Every guest has sufficient time with each rescued wild animal to take photographs and/or shoot videos.

Our Great Wildlife Tour generally takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. The experience lasts from 14:00 o’clock till 18:45 o’clock.

We ask all our guests to be at the reception of their hotel at the specific pick up time – which we will send to you with your booking email. Please make sure not to be late as our drive times are calculated exactly to make sure that you arrive at Cheetah’s Rock at 14.00 o clock to get ready for our mandatory safety briefing after which there can be no late admission. You will meet our first rescued wild animal at 14:45 o’clock (2:45 PM). The Great Wildlife Tour lasts until around 18:45 o’clock (6:45 PM). This tour time in the afternoon means our rescued wild animals are well rested and ready to meet you.

The VIP Otter Experience takes place everyday.

The experience will start at a time of your choice on Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays and at 9:30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The VIP Otter Experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

All our tours are in English to accommodate our guests from all over the world.

Guests are encouraged to have basic understanding of English. This is so you get the most out of all the fascinating information about our wild animals presented to you by Jenny and her staff members during the tour. However, if you don’t speak much English but love animals, you are welcome also. In this case, please don’t disturb your guide while she talks in English, thank you.

The fee for our Great Wildlife Tour is US$160 per person. The fee for the VIP Otter Experience is US$150 per person, with a minimum booking for two people. If you combine both tours, the fee for your total adventure is US$280 per person. This includes roundtrip transfer from and back to your hotel, or other locations, from most places on Zanzibar.

This fee takes into account that we recently rescued further wild animals and erected additional enclosures. We have plans for further expansions to offer even more space to our rescued wild animals. Your fee contributes to all of this.

When you book the tour, please tell us from where you require our roundtrip transport service. We offer pickup from one location and drop off at another, and you can store any baggage you bring along at Cheetah’s Rock during the tour. We strongly recommend to use this complementary service which will make your tour even more agreeable. In the exceptional case that you don’t want to use this service, please specify in our booking form. However, we discourage from this due to the terrain and lack of good traffic signage.
For a surcharge of US$ 20 for the driver, not for us, and per car, not per person, we offer roundtrip transport from locations very distant from Cheetah’s Rock, like the Southeast Coast.
Payment is in cash after the tour. An alternative is to pay via bank wire transfer in advance.
We cannot process credit cards.
We prefer payment in USD but for your convenience we do accept the fee paid in the local or any major currency. The conversion is at the “Buy US Dollars” rate.
There is no Group Discount, nor any other discounts. We don’t discriminate among our guests and ask for the same fee from every guest.
No fee is due if WE cancel or stop the tour due to really bad weather.
As we receive no financial support from our government -or any NGOs we depend on the fees from our guest to sustain our operations. Your fee supports Cheetah’s Rock to do our part for wildlife conservation and to provide our rescued wild animals with as natural and generous a habitat as possible.

Our legal minimum age is 15 years old.

For legal reasons, we cannot book any visitor younger than 15 years old. Thank you for your understanding.

We are located near Kama Village on the West Coast North of Stone Town and South of Nungwi.

Take a look at our gallery to see what we do – and why guests love our unique “Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience.”

Before your visit, you must not get into close contact with any stray cats or dogs on Zanzibar. They can carry viruses like feline panleukopenia or canine distemper.
This does not kill them but will kill our rescued big cats or hyenas. We reserve the right to cancel your visit for the sake of the health and the safety of our rescued wild animals if you have been in close contact with any of these strays. Thank you for your understanding.