VIP Otter Experience


Generally everyday from 9:00am to 10:30am.

What to Expect












What to Expect

The otter crew invite you to their pirate bay! You will get the unique opportunity to swim & play with them whilst one of our staff members can take pictures of your memorable adventure. So do not forget to bring a camera (preferably waterproof). To ensure a personal experience this private event is for your group only. Hence there is only one spot available per day & bookings need to be done as soon as possible before the spots are gone.

The price for the VIP Otter Experience is $150 per person with a minimum booking for two people. This includes free roundtrip transport from most locations and contributes to our rescue & conservation work: building new enclosures, buying medicine, food etc. Only you make this possible! Thank you for your support.
Tour Rules
-The minimum age for our tours is 15 years old.
-Please don’t wear any anti insect repellent, sun tan lotion, aftershaves or perfumes as this can be poisonous for our animals.
What to Wear
-Plain swimsuits and a towel if you like to get into the water with the otters, which is the real fun.
-Cameras (Preferably Waterproof)
-Not allowed are jewellery, pins and loose fabrics as animals could choke on them.
Is food offered?
When you book the combined Great Wildlife Tour and VIP Otter Experience, we will gladly organise lunch for you in a nearby hotel (restaurant fee not included in the price).
Office Hours
We strive to respond to all your inquiries within 24 hours, every day of the week. There may be disruptions to the internet on Zanzibar causing a rare delay of our response. Hence, please book well in advance.